Boston Marathon: Average Finish Times by Age

Everything you need to know about average finish times at Boston is here. We've crunched the numbers to compare Boston 2012 against both Boston 2004 and Boston 2010 (we felt 2011's results were too wind-aided) by race division, by gender and age, by city, by Boston Qualifiers, and more. And we've compiled average finish times since 2000 to complete the picture. How well did you do vs your division, other runners your age, vs 2004 and 2010? The answers are below.

Boston Marathon 2012

Boston 2012 Runner Stats: Average Finish Time, Runners, Finishers, DNS, DNF, Deferred to 2013
  • Average Finish Time: 4:18:27 (vs 3:51+ 12 Year Average)
  • Finishers: 21,554 (95.9% of starters); 8,966 Women, 12,588 Men
  • Entrants26,656 runners entered to run the 2012 Boston Marathon
  • Qualified Runners: 20,081 -- see Qualifying for Boston for details
  • Non-Qualified Runners: 6,575 runners received entry via charity or other entities
  • Did Not Start -- No-Shows: An estimated 3,803 entrants did not pick up their bib numbers
  • Did Not Start -- Weather Deferral GroupRunners World reports 427 eligible for deferral to 2013
  • Runners: An estimated 22,480 started the race in Hopkinton
  • Did Not Finish: 926, 4.1%
  • For more, see our historical Entrants, DNS and DNF rates, Finishers
Results Analysis: Average Finish Times 2000 to 2011 -- 2012 Avg. Time = 4:18:27

Finish Times by Age Group 2011: Average Time Overall = 3:54

Finish Times by Age 2010