Tracking Your Training: Training Log Tips

By Raymond Britt

As I wrote in a cover story for Inside Triathlon magazine — ‘Balancing the Numbers: Getting the Most Out of Your Training Log’ — your training log can be a great motivator as well as a solid tool for assessing your training, from what’s working right to what needs to be improved.

I’ve been tracking my training on a daily basis since 1995, and it’s pretty simple to do, actually. Just enter basic information on a straightforward spreadsheet. You can see examples of my training logs from recent years. And over the years, they tell quite a story.

Yes, you’ll note that the detail and analysis has varied over the years, and at this point I have boiled my training log down to something simple but effective. I’ve made a free shareware version available (as long as it’s not sold or redustributed by the downloader), and it’s on the same Training Logs link. Instructions are included, but be aware that it’s not a sophisticated program, it’s basic and straightforward. Athletes from all over the world have been using it, and they seem pleased with it.

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to start with a training log. But even if you start later, the point is: get started. Good luck.