This Changes Everything: Dahon Speed Pro TT Folding Bike Demonstration

RunTri has been putting the Dahon Speed Pro TT folding bike to the test. In this case, the test was to see how the bike, well, folded.  It was a breeze.  

The bike can be folded down in less than 15 seconds, and with a little hex wrench work on the handlebars, it's completely collapsed to approximately 30" x 15" x 11" in less than a minute.  Separate the wheels from the frame, and you can pack the whole bike inside Dahon's Airporter Mini suitcase. Take the bike on your next trip, no extra baggage fees.

This changes everything. It's huge.  It opens up a completely new set of training possibilities.  Now you can take a performance bike almost anywhere -- to the office, on business trips, on vacation. 

Wherever you go, you can ride. Imagine that.  To see how easy it is to collapse the bike, scroll down for our guided tour.

1.  Locate lever on right side of handlebar stem.

2. Flip handle 180 degrees down.

3. Fold handlebar stem toward right rear.

4. Stem connects to frame. See the manual for details, but you'll know when you see it.

5. Find the center-frame lever.

6. Flip the lever 180 degrees to the right.

7. Fold bike as show below.

8. A magnet holds the folded frame in place.

9.  Loosen the seat post clamp.

10. Push seat downward toward the frame

11. Use hex wrench (supplied with bike) to loosen handlebars. 
Fold bars perpendicular to ground, brake/gear handles facing inward.

12. Folded bike should look like this . . .

. . . and this . . .

. . . and this.