A Competitive Edge: Dahon Speed TT Pro Folding Bike Review

Dahon Speed Pro TT folding bicycle is perfect for traveling triathletes and for those who want a compact, performance bike at the local office for quick rides and remarkable compact storage. You'll be amazed. You're going to want one. And you'll have plenty of reasons to do so. 
The Dahon folding bike can give triathletes a new edge over the competition: take it anywhere, ride anywhere, ride anytime you can find the break. What used to be a wasted hour or two of downtime on the road can now become riding time. It's this simple: having one means you can get more training done without cutting into family or work time.

There will be two types of traveling triathletes: a) those who bring a Dahon folding bike, and can ride 15, 25, even 35 miles after dinner (or instead of it) and b) those who don't ride at all. Guess which triathlete will be faster on race day?

No more excuses for not riding because of business travel. Pack the Speed Pro in a custom-made airline-legal (no fees!) suitcase, take it with you, ride when you're away from home. See how easy it is to collapse the bike in less than a minute.

In short, the Dahon Speed Pro TT gives more training time that you never thought you had. It turns down time into ride time. And every triathlete wants that extra edge . . .

Photos below compare and contrast the Speed Pro TT (the smaller bike, naturally) with my Softride PowerWing 650 racing bike. Yes, I favor high-tech, innovative bikes.