Chicago Triathlon FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Races: Sunday August 29, 2008, Monroe Harbor

  • International (Olympic) Distance: 0.93 swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run
    • Age group competitors
    • Relay teams
    • Professionals
  • Sprint Distance: .47 mile swim. 13.6 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
    • Age group competitors on road/racing bikes
    • Mountain bike division, bike with tires 1.75 inches or more
Transition area
  • Open from 4:15am, closes at 5:45am, and they really mean 5:45am
  • Must rack with your bib number grouping; racks will be labeled
  • Transition area open only for competing athletes until approximately 11am
  • Retrieve gear between 11am and 1pm
Swim Waves (groups or racers that start at different time intervals)
  • Typically between 80 and 150 athletes
  • First wave starts around 6am
  • Four (4) minutes between waves
  • Last wave may depart as late as 9am or later
  • Mandatory: must swim with your wave or DQ
  • Wave schedule: finalized on race weekend; see lists at the race Expo
The Swim
  • Wetsuit: not mandatory, but helpful
  • Deep water -- treading water -- start
  • Swim stroke: any one you want
  • Stopping for rest or breath: hang on guard boats or pier
  • Water conditions: may be choppy, variable temperature, may smell like boat engine oil
  • Gear check at swim start
  • You can leave shoes at the water's exit if desired
  • One lap for Sprint racers, two laps for International Distance
  • Turnaround to begin second lap tends to be just short of Navy Pier
  • No aid stations
  • Bike breakdowns: assistance may be available, but it may be a long wait
  • Best bet: carry a spare tube and pump or CO2 cartridge, know how to change your tire
  • Aid stations on the course
  • Pretty straightforward, follow markings
  • Pass on left if possible
  • Keep going until you finish -- then celebrate
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