Ironman Lake Placid Bike Course Splits: Where and Why your MPH Gets Crushed

By Raymond Britt -- Everything you've heard about the bike course -- from our analysis, and from others -- is true. This is what it looks like to ride Ironman Lake Placid's bike course, average mph by age group, section by section. Yes, it's downhill from there, so to speak. Your MPH, that is.

You can ride pretty fast on the first 36 miles of the course, but if you get carried away, as many do, you may be reduced to a crawl for those last 20 miles of the first lap. Not only that, but the effort it takes to cover those 20 miles past Whiteface Mountain saps your energy as you enter miles 57-92. Then, prepare to dig deep for the final 20 miles of what you'll agree is an epic 112 mile Ironman bike course. Better be ready; see our Ironman Lake Placid Bike Course Strategy for advice.