Ironman St. George Results Analysis and Kona Qualifying Times

With a record-breaking 29% DNF (started but did not finish) rate (compared to 19% in 2011), Ironman St. George remains at the top of RunTri's Toughest Ironman Course list (though Ironman South Africa's conditions and 13:43 time rivaled St. G this year). Of the 1432 starters, only 1024 finished. The frustratingly choppy water forced 6% of starters to DNF; wind gusts up to 40 mph forced another 19% to DNF, and finally, another 4% did not complete the run. Those who did cross the finish line did so in an average of nearly 14 hours. At 13:52:55 average finish time, St. George 2012 was 16 minutes slower than in 2011.


2011 Race Analysis

Ironman St. George unquestionably remains at the top of RunTri's Toughest Ironman Course list.  How tough is IM StG? Of the more than 1600 who started the 2011 race, 300+ did not finish, about an 18% DNF rate. In the end, 1311 ambitious triathletes finished in a remarkably slow (= difficult) average time of 13 hours, 24 minutes.

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