Ironman Lanzarote Correlation Between Bike and Run Splits

How tough is the Ironman Lanzarote bike course? It's among the most difficult course in the world. The average bike split is 6:43, nearly the same as Ironman St. George's 6:41.  Why then, many people ask, is St. George ranked as notably tougher than Lanzarote overall? The answer is in the marathon: Lanzarote triathletes averaged a 4:26 run, those in St. George suffered through a 5:10 marathon.

When it comes to balancing the bike (x, and 50% of total race time) and run (y = 66% of x), our analysis of IMLZ highlights four groups: 1. Fast and Balanced (Black label); 2. Energy to Spare (Green); 3. Left it on the Bike Course (Red); 4. Smooth and Steady (Blue) for a slow bike and slow run. Compared to St. George, more Lanzarote triathletes avoided the red and green zones.

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