Boston Marathon 2012 Sold Out.

Boston Marathon 2012 is sold out as of 9/23/11. [Charity entries may be available]

Update: 20,000+ entries accepted into Boston Marathon 2012, 3000+ entries rejected.

Around 24,000 finished the race in 2011, and estimates suggest about 25,000 to 26,000 will race in 2012.

The BAA's new 'performance-based' registration process accepted applications from runners who met the qualifying time criteria between 9/12/11 and 9/23/11.

However, BAA notes that many who registered may not be guaranteed entry. Posted on, 'Entry is not on a first-come, first-served basis . . .'

Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection 'next week.'

The 'performance-based' criteria are not clearly defined publicly. Our assumption is that applicants be accepted in order of fastest qualifying time in their age group. If so, will factor in the degree of difficulty by marathon?

Average finish times can vary among most marathons by 30 minutes or more.  At the extremes: consider a 5:16 average finish time in the Los Angeles Marathon compared to a 3:47 time at the Hamilton Marathon.

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