Ironman Kona Hawaii 2012 Lottery Winners Analysis

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An estimated 8,000+ athletes entered the 2012 lottery with hopes of securing one of 205 Kona Slots. Here are the results of 2012's lottery winners.

Davis, Howard 50  GBR

Kashani, Susan 32 NV USA
Kohler, Christian 43 NE USA
Kordonski, Dariusz 28 NSW AUS
kraus, mike 62 CA USA
laska, kathy 39 MA USA
levetzow, thore 41  DEU
Loescher, Bradly 48 PA USA
Lowery, Nancy 54 ID USA
Mallery, Kevin 54 CT USA
McFee, Daniel 39  HKG
McGowean, Glen 46 IL USA
McIntosh, Don 70 BC CAN
meskin, kevin 43 CA USA
mugel, jonathan 55 NY USA
Navarro, Alberto 31 FL USA
Newman, Steven 36 NSW AUS
Noda, Seiichi 48 MO USA
O'Donnell, Edmund 58 NY USA
O'Keeffe, Mark 55 NH USA
Pangaro, Jeffrey 33 CT USA
Piquer, Alexander 42 RJ BRA
politis, peter 40 SC USA
Powell, Kevin 44 NJ USA
Purrington, Peter 46 TN USA
Putz, Robert 47 KY USA
Ralph, Richard 40 TAM AUS
Robinson, David 47 IN USA
Rossi, Diego 38  ITA
Saavedra, Arturo 39 MA USA
Santos, Verne 58 HI USA
shaffer, scott 46 FL USA
Shields, Scott 45 CO USA
Smith, Stephen 48 TX USA
Smith, Terry 55 NC USA
Stanuszek, David 39 IL USA
Starr, Scott 37 SC USA
Stephanak, Joseph 31 NJ USA
Stevenson, Laura 45 FL USA
Stiles, Andrew 44 FL USA
Tetreault, Myron 45 AB CAN
thinus, bertrand 43  FRA
Uptain, Blake 34 TX USA
Warner, Marc 45 TX USA
Watkins, Adam 32 Washington, D.C. USA
Weeks, Earl 43 TX USA
Wells, Michael 46 PA USA
Wheeler, Dale 49 CA USA
Wilkins, C.C. 49 NC USA
Wilson, John 45 CA USA
Wiltgen, Alan 68 WI USA
Wuebker, Ginger 43 OH USA
Young, Jimi 43 MI USA
Yurtin, Wayne 47 CA USA
Zumsteg, Peter 47  TWN


The World Triathlon Corporation, owners of the Ironman branded events, have dramatically revised the Ironman Kona Lottery Program for entry into the 2012 race. [Also see our analysis of 2011-2012 Kona Slot Allocation by Race]

In years past, the lottery program offered about 205 entries: 150 for athletes from USA, 50 for international athletes, and 5 for physically challenged athletes. From the pool of athletes who registered for the lottery in each of the three groups, lucky winners were selected, effectively at random.

For the 2012 lottery, 205 slots will again be awarded, and WTC made the laudable decision to attempt to give precedence to those who've demonstrated distinguished dedication, either by finishing 12 or more Ironman branded triathlons or by entering the lottery many times in previous years.

The first 100 lottery slots are reserved for those athletes who enter the lottery and meet each of these criteria:
  1. Finished 12 or more full-distance Ironman brand races
  2. Finished an Ironman brand race in 2010
  3. Finished an Ironman brand race in 2011
  4. Registered to compete in and finish an Ironman brand race in 2012.
  5. Have never started the Ironman Triathlon World Championship race
The WTC has the right idea, seeking to reward those with tremendous dedication to the sport.
As to the next 100 lottery slots, a change is now in place to recognize the number of times a triathlete has entered the lottery and not been selected. If you've entered 8 times and not been selected, you'll have 8 chances to be selected in the 2012 lottery. Entered the lottery twice? Only two chances. Theoretically, the odds will favor those who have been shut out most often. I hope that's the case.

For the official announcement, read on:

WTC Announces 2012 Ironman Lottery Registration Opening and Program Enhancements

Changes include introduction of Ironman Legacy Program and increased chance for lottery selection

TAMPA, Fla. (Oct. 31, 2011)  - World Triathlon  Corporation (WTC) today announced the
upcoming launch of the  2012 Ironman Lottery.   Opening tomorrow (Tuesday), Nov. 1,  the
Lottery will  feature two enhancements, including the new Ironman Legacy Program.  One
hundred general age group athletes, 100 Legacy athletes and five physically challenged athletes
will be selected to compete in the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i.

“As the popularity of the sport continues to grow, qualifying for the Ironman World
Championship  becomes more  difficult.  More than 70,000 athletes are competing for only a
handful of coveted slots,” said Andrew Messick, CEO of WTC. “The Ironman Lottery provides
another way for athletes to enter the race and cross the finish line on Ali`i Drive.”

Beginning in 2012, athletes will  have an increased chance of being selected for the Ironman
Lottery based on the number of  years that they have entered.  For each year an athlete has
registered since 2001, his or her chances increase accordingly.  For example, if an athlete
registers for the 2012  Ironman  Lottery and has registered for every lottery from 2001 through
2012, he or she will have 12 chances of being selected for a lottery slot into the 2012 Ironman
World Championship.  Passport Club membership would give that athlete an additional chance
of being selected with a total of 13 lottery entries.

The newly launched Ironman Legacy Program will grant loyal Ironman athletes an opportunity
to compete in Kona at least once in their lifetime. One hundred Legacy winners will be chosen
by WTC and selection will be based on several criteria.   To be eligible for selection in the
Legacy Program, athletes must have completed a minimum of 12 full-distance Ironman-branded
races, have never  started  the Ironman World Championship, have completed at least one
Ironman event in each of the 2010 and 2011 seasons and be registered for an Ironman event in

“Ironman athletes are incredibly loyal to our sport and we want to continue to find ways to
recognize that loyalty,” said Messick.  “Kona is the symbolic and spiritual home of triathlon and
people deeply involved in the sport should get the opportunity to experience that.  While many
serious athletes will qualify for a spot at the starting line, the Ironman Legacy Program is an
equally difficult but different way for them to get there.” Messick continued, “The new aspects
of the Lottery are meant to revitalize a program that’s part of our company’s rich history – one
that ensures athletes committed to living the triathlon lifestyle get their chance to follow their
dream to Kona.  People who are serious about the sport deserve that chance.”

A mainstay in the history of Ironman, the Ironman Lottery began in 1983 thanks to the vision of
one of Ironman's  founders, John Collins, as a way to provide athletes ranging in ability  the
opportunity to qualify for the world's most challenging one-day endurance event.  More than
7,000 athletes apply for the  Ironman Lottery each year.   In 1990, Ironman created the Passport
Club, open to athletes worldwide. In addition to other member benefits, the Passport Club gives
athletes an increased chance of being selected through the lottery by offering them one additional

Registration  for the 2012 Ironman Lottery and the new Legacy Program will open at noon ET
tomorrow, Nov. 1, at and will close on Tuesday, Feb. 28,
2012. Winners will be announced on Sunday, April 15, 2012, at noon ET on

To see a video of Andrew Messick, CEO of WTC, discussing his vision for the Ironman Lottery
enhancements, visit

For more information on the  Ironman Lottery and  the new  Legacy Program, go to or contact For media-related
inquiries, contact Jessica Weidensall at

About World Triathlon Corporation
World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) is  a Tampa-based company recognized for athletic
excellence, distinguished events and quality products. WTC's portfolio includes Ironman,
Ironman 70.3, 5150 Triathlon Series, Iron Girl and IronKids, which have a combined total of
more than 180 events worldwide each year. Supported by partners including Timex, PowerBar,
K-Swiss and TYR,  Ironman is the No.1 user-based sports brand in the world and has been a
respected name in triathlon since its inception in 1978.
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