Chicago Marathon Google Fusion Tables Example

Runners from nearly 6,000 cities across the globe came to Chicago in October to compete in the 2011 Chicago Marathon.

We ran the numbers to define, for each city, how many runners finished, and the average finish time for all participants in that town. 

We've gone the next step to plot each of the cities that were represented at the Chicago Marathon, marked by a green dot. Click on any of the dots/cities to see the number of finishers and average finish time. [For the numbers, see our complete Chicago Marathon Results Analysis]

We've represented the data in three successively narrowing views: 1. All US Cities; 2. Northern Illinois; 3. Chicago and nearby suburbs. You can navigate around each of the maps using google maps capabilities such as zoom and click-to-grab the map to move it. For example, you might want to use this approach to navigate to Europe and its representative cities.
  Drill Down To Northern Illinois Tighten the View to Chicago and Suburbs