Average Marathon Finish Times 2000 to 2013: Boston, New York City, Chicago, MCM

Having completed a deep dive into average finish times by age for the Boston, New York City and Chicago marathons for a single year, it's time to step back and see how overall average finish times for these races compare between 2000 and 2013.

Over the 14-year period, Boston Marathon times have slowed by 10 minutes to the 3:50 range, NYC is steady roughly around 4:27. Chicago seems to be on a slowing trend by as much as 20 minutes; while weather has had an impact in some recent years, conditions in 2011 had a limited impact on the 4:40 average time. And of course, Hurricane Sandy led to the cancellation of NYC Marathon in 2013, and the Boston Bombing suspended the legendary marathon in 2013.

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