Chicago Marathon Web Analytics: 60,000 Visitors, 45,000 Entrants

When registration for the 2012 Chicago Marathon began at noon on February 1, tens of thousands of interested runners immediately visited the race website. Each knew the score: the race would be sold out when 45,000 runners had registered. How long would it take to reach 45,000? Those who tracked site activity on google Trends knew it would only be a matter of days, far sooner than the four weeks that elapsed before the 2011 race sold out.

Web traffic trend analysis from the start of registration through February 6, when the race sold out, illustrates the dynamics of site visits, and mirrors the relative rate of entries. We estimate as many as 60,000 visited the site in those six days, with thoughts of potentially registering for the race. In the end, thousands waited too long to click the 'Enter' button.

In the first hour of registration, 13,000 runners signed up. Within 48 hours, more than 30,000 runners had entered the race. Early on February 6, word spread that the race was close to selling out. The traffic uptick in the chart above represents the last minute flurry of runners hoping to participate in the 2012 race. Unfortunately for most of the visitors on 2/6/12, they were too late. For them, there's always next year.

As for the 45,000 lucky entrants, their planning for the 2012 race has just begun. Many of these runners turned their attention to this site for advice, analysis, photos and more in our Complete Chicago Marathon Coverage.

A different view of web analytics emerges in the picture of how Chicago Marathon entrants used our web pages. The example below, our main Chicago Marathon Page, contains links to more than 20 additional site resources. The percentages next to each link represent how often they were clicked, as a percent of all clicks on the page.

From this analysis, it's clear, the Chicago Marathon 2012 entrants are eager to start their training and preparation immediately, even though the race is eight months way. For just about everything you need to know, it's all here: see our Complete Chicago Marathon Coverage.