Web Analytics and Search Trending: Major Marathons, Endurance Races, Sports and Sporting Events

We've been working in the field of web analytics and strategy since the late 1990s, and one of the areas we specialize in is industry and competitive dynamics analysis. One element of our analysis is a focus on trends for clients relative to direct competitors, as well as other-industry peers, over short and long term.

With that as background, we thought it would be interesting to examine trends -- as measured by google search volumes -- for endurance and other sporting events to see what insights emerge when analyzing the following:
  1. Major Marathon Trends: Boston, New York City, Marine Corps, Chicago and London Marathons
  2. Major Endurance Sports Trends: Marathon, Triathlon, Tour de France, Half Marathon, Running 
  3. Major US Sporting Events: Boston Marathon, Ironman, Indy 500, US Open Tennis, Masters Golf
  4. Major Sports Trends: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Golf
  5. Major Leisure Sports Trends: Swimming, Cycling, Running, Golf, Tennis 
For example, from the search trends point of view, which is the most popular marathon? How has popularity of the marathon, by event, and in general, changed over time? What are the implications?

Additional, selected charts comparing races, events, sports, etc., are below. Any surprises in the data? Yes, there are. Can you spot them? What makes them stand out? What are the business implications of your insights? Let me know by email, if you'd like to. Best answers will be added to this post soon.