Grocery Shopping On the Run: Peapod's Virtual Grocery Stores

Runners and Triathletes are always looking for ways to accomplish more with less time, when it comes to training and racing. Same tends to be true when it comes to everyday shopping but there were few alternatives to reduce shopping time. Until now.

Consider this: how would you like to do all your grocery shopping while waiting for your train, and then have your order delivered to your house, all without ever entering a grocery store? That concept is now a reality. After a very successful launch in Philadelphia, Peapod, the nation's leading online grocer (and a client of ours), has brought the same virtual store concept to Chicago commuters, making it easier than ever to order groceries while on the run.

Commuters passing through Chicago's State and Lake public transportation station are now surrounded by wall-to-wall mock-ups of grocery shelves loaded with images of top-selling items. Each display item has an associated bar code, and shoppers can use their smart phones to scan any code to start and build their grocery orders.

Imagine finishing your order online during your commute home, and having the order delivered later, at a time of your choosing. That's grocery shopping without the hassle of driving to/from the store and loading/unloading heavy bags of groceries. That's progress. That's more time that you can be out on the road, training for your next race. That's Peapod.

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