Average Swim, Bike, Run and Finish Times by Age Group Top 25 Ironman Races

Wondering what splits and finish times you might expect at your next Ironman race?  Or maybe you're wondering if you picked one of the tougher Ironman races, and how that race differs from others in terms of average times. We've got your answers. 

We've drilled into the results of more than 100,000 finishers to determine average swim, bike, run and overall finish times for every age group at 25 of the top Ironman triathlons in the worldIt's everything you ever wanted to know about splits and racing times for your favorite races.

The next three charts below  map all races against all age groups for Swim, Bike, Run and Times. After these tables, we present individual tables for each age group, featuring all races and respective swim, bike, run and finish times.