Ironmen and Ironwomen: Which Ironman Races Have the Most Men? Most Women?

Which Ironman events include the most women? At North American races, women account for about 25% of finishers in the full Ironman, and roughly 30% of 70.3 finishers. 

Which Ironman races have the most male finishers? At European Ironman races, around 90% of full Ironman distance finishers are men, and men account for about 85% of 70.3 finishers. 

How is the gender difference reflected by age group? We compared Ironman France and Ironman Florida finishers by age group, and women in the 30-49 age groups in Florida far outnumber those in France. 

And we also dug deeper to examine the gender ratios by age group in those who finish in the last two hours before race cut-off.  The distribution is also roughly similar.

No such extreme is seen in Ironman Florida results. Women finishers in the last two hours as a percent of all women finishers is roughly in the 20% range.

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