Boston Marathon Qualifying Interest Reaches 100 countries, 3,500+ cities

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Not only has interest in qualifying for Boston Marathon 2014 soared to unprecedented levels; now it's become a truly global. In the first few days after the bombing, our site received visits from visitors from 3,500 cities in more than 100 countries (see list at bottom of post), all to see the same article: Qualifying for Boston 2014.

The 2600+ US Cities

We've created an interactive map, indicating the location of each city that's been to our site. Click on the red dot to reveal stats about visitors from that city: how many visits, how long was the visit. Scroll, zoom and move around the map using google maps tools on the upper left side of the map.

Notable is the extremely high number of people visiting for the first time. strongly suggests the response to Boston is kicking off another major running boom. With new visitors representing more than 70% of the total volume to the Qualify for Boston 2014 page, it seems to be a leading indicator that thousands and thousands of individuals have decided to start running. -- for the victims in Boston, for the people of Boston, for the chance to run Boston, and for the chance to dedicate themselves to a new and highly beneficial pursuit. They're out there in droves; the map proves it.

The 100+ Countries

Ranked in order of visitors to Qualify for Boston 2014: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Korea Republic Of, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Senegal, Philippines, Europe, Thailand, Japan, Colombia, Mauritius, Poland, Iceland, Belgium, Costa Rica, Argentina, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Austria, Malaysia, Norway, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, India, Israel, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Romania, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Isle Of Man, French Guiana, Guatemala, Chile, Portugal, Nigeria, Panama, Lithuania, Turkey, Indonesia, Kuwait, China, Luxembourg, Serbia, Turks And Caicos Islands, Belarus, Peru, Guernsey, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Maldives, Cayman Islands, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Pakistan, Kenya, Jordan, Jersey, Georgia, Ghana, Macao, Barbados, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Satellite Provider, Jamaica, Morocco, Latvia, Timor-leste, Oman, Antigua And Barbuda, Ethiopia, Guam, Iran Islamic Republic Of, Uruguay, Trinidad And Tobago, Satellite Provider, Jamaica, Morocco.

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