Qualifying for Boston Marathon 2014 at Boston in 2013

At the time Boston Marathon 2013 was suspended, 17,580 runners had finished, 4,496 runners had reached 24.8 miles and hundreds more may still have been on the course.
  • Of the 17,580 finishers, according to MarathonGuide.com, 10,391 runners, or 59.1%, qualified for Boston 2014
  • In 2010, the percent of Boston finishers that re-qualified for the 2011 race was 41%
  • But . . . qualifying times in 2013 are 5 minutes faster than they were in 2010, and yet percent re-qualifiers are almost identical
  • Further proof that the new 5-minutes-faster qualifying times translate into a field that also runs at least 5 minutes faster in Boston
Note: we do not have the breakout of qualifying results for age groups 0-34 and 35-39, which are combined above as 0-39