Ironman Texas 2013 Results Analysis

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Triathletes who have finished Ironman Texas in the past will tell you it's one of the tougher races on the Ironman calendar, and the 2013 event more than proved the point. Nearly 2900 athletes registered to compete, and after 13% DNS, and a remarkable 17%, or 408, DNF, the remaining 2,046 finishers took an average 13 hours and 40 minutes to complete the race. The result was 22 minutes longer than the 13:18 average finish time in 2012 and more than an hour slower than the average time to finish an Ironman:12:35. The main differences between Ironman Texas 2012 and 2013 were an additional 11 minutes on the bike, and a marathon took an additional 18 minutes -- 5 hours and 35 minutes.

Typically we see the bike split consume 50% of an Ironman finish time, with 35% spent on the run. Not this year: 46% on the bike, and a staggering 41% on the run.

These DNF rates are not too dissimilar than those at Ironman St. George 2012: 19%

Athletes whose bike/run time landed in the upper left hand corner -- they went after a faster bike split,  left too much energy on the bike course, and suffered mightily on the run. The share of athletes in that upper left hand corner is among the highest we've observed. At the same time, note the lower right hand corner; that space is reserved for those who held back on the bike, with extra energy to run a better marathon.

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