Ironman Louisville 2013 Results Analysis

After an extremely challenging Ironman Louisville 2012, which saw a DNF rate of 14% and an average finish time of 13:41, Ironman Louisville 2013 may have seemed mild, by comparison, with an average finish time of 13 hours, 24 minutes. But compared to many of the world's leading Ironman events we evaluate based on average finish time, even the 2013 edition ranks among the toughest.

See our Ironman Louisville 2012 Results Analysis for a comprehensive comparison of races from 2009 to 2012. Then, compare that history with our complete Ironman Louisville 2013 analysis below, covering results overall, by year, by age group, by swim, bike, and run split, by correlation between bike and run splits, and more. No matter how you look at it, Louisville is clearly one tough race; its finishers have much to be proud of.

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