Racing For Charity Search Trends: Team in Training, Dana Farber, Komen Race for the Cure

In recent years, there has been a seemingly growing trend of athletes gaining entry to compete in major endurance events (Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, e.g.) via an official race charity. Team in Training (Leukemia), Dana-Farber (cancer, Boston-based) and Susan Komen Race for the cure are three popular racing charities.

However, it's possible interest in running for a charity may be on the decline. The 2013 New York City Marathon, for the first time in its history, failed to fill all possible charity entries; a remarkable 3,000 were unclaimed.  That's a huge number. For perspective, Boston and Chicago Marathons typically offer 5,000 charity entries each.

To get a better sense of the underlying trend, we turned to google search trends analysis, to see how interest in the three popular charities mentioned above has changed over time.

The answer in the first chart, above -- which presents the interest over time based on searches with the charity-related keywords -- appears to indicate a steadily declining trend. Is demand for racing via charity entry slowly fading? The New York Marathon experience is a distinctive example, and the chart seems to support that result.

Here's our Major Race Charity Search Trends: By Time, Geography, Keywords and Forecast analysis.

 Search Trends by State: Team in Training

  Search Trends by State: Dana Farber
  Search Trends by State: Komen Race for the Cure
 Top Searches: Team in Training
 Trending Upward Searches: Team in Training

 Top Searches: Dana Farber

Trending Upward Searches: Dana Farber
  Top Searches: Komen Race for the Cure

 Trending Up Searches: Komen Race for the Cure
 Top Searches by Metro Area: Team in Training

  Top Searches by Metro Area: Dana Farber
  Top Searches by Metro Area: Komen Race for the Cure

Search Trends 2004 to present with Forecast: 
Team in Training, Dana Farber, Komen Race for the Cure

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