Boston and NYCM Marathon Runners in 2700 Cities -- Full Detail by Geographic Sub-sections

Runners Representing 2700+ Cities Finished Both Boston 2014 and NYC 2013 Marathons: We crunched the data to see how the number of finishers and average finish times of each race compared within each city.

We geomapped all the data, for North America overall (first map below), then zoomed in to present more detailed map subsections for Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast zones, with similar detail for Midwest and West Coast geographies (scroll down for these additional maps).

Each dot on each map -- an overall view, and several larger sub-maps -- represents a city with NYC and Boston Marathon finishers. Click on any dot and you'll learn, for both marathons, number of finishers and average finish time for that city.

How did results by finishers in your city vary between NYC and Boston? For perspective, keep in mind, the average finish time for NYC Marathon 2013 was about 4:30 and at Boston 2014 it was 4:02.

The data are custom-plotted on standard google maps, with same navigation options. Zoom in, zoom out, scroll around. Find your city, find your neighbor's city. Or see how major east coast city results compared to majors in the west. (Note: cities that had finishers at only Boston, or only NYCM, are not in this analysis; also, included cities had at least one finisher in each race, but they could be different people)

East Coast Cities

Midwest Cities

West Coast Cities