Ironman Texas 2014 Results Analysis: Overall, By Division, by Split, vs Previous Years and more

The results of Ironman Texas 2014 clearly show that, once again, the event maintained its position as one of the tougher full Ironman races in the world. How tough? A 13:16 average finish time (similar to 13:18 in 2012 but much slower than the average for all global Ironman events we've analyzed -- 12:35) and a 9.9% DNF rate, about double the average North American Ironman DNF result. Yet it could have been worse: Ironman Texas 2013 resulted in an average finish time of 13:40 and DNF of 17%.

But don't let the numbers overshadow a most important point: Ironman Texas is a great event, very popular on the Ironman circuit, and it comes highly recommended by well over 2,000 participants each year.

Our complete results analysis -- overall, by division, by split, vs previous years and more -- show specifically how challenging the event was this year.

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