Wall Street Journal Features RunTri's Olympic Marathon Trials Analytics

Kevin Helliker, the Wall Street Journal's Pulitzer Prize-winning Sports Journalist, has written about the drive and determination of runners who aspire to simply qualify for the USA's Olympic Marathon Trials. For these runners, most of whom don't have a chance of making the Olympic Team, qualifying to run in the trials is the ultimate reward.

Kevin featured our analysis of Chicago Marathon athletes trying to run qualifying times for upcoming Olympic Trials (2011 results) compared to the number of runners finishing around qualifying range in a non-Olympic Trials year.

Our findings were that 30% more runners with the capability to qualify for the Trials ran Chicago in 2011, compared to those in 2012.

Excerpts are below. Read the Wall Street Journal article in full. For further details, see our comprehensive Chicago Marathon Coverage: Results Analysis, Advice, Photos and more.

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