Ironman Kona 2017 Results Analysis: Finish Times, Splits, by Age Group, vs Previous Years

Ironman Kona 2017 saw a record 2235 athletes cover the grueling 140.6 mile course, finishing in an overall average time of 11:39.
  • It was tougher than the average 11:31 finish time spanning the 16-year period 2002 to 2017, 
  • A near-record 132 athletes did not finish, more than 80 qualifiers did not start  
  • Average splits indicate athletes suffered most on the run -- 1:11 swim, 5:49 bike, 4:27 run
  • Things could have been worse -- a far cry from 2004 finishers' 12:06 experience in the wind-laced, blast-furnace heat, 
  • But it was a long way from what would be considered fast, a full 25 minutes slower than the wind-aided 11:06 average time turned in by finishers in 2013. 
We dove into details of the 2017 race, overall, by split, by division, and did side-by-side comparisons across each dimension going as far back as 2002. For extra credit, we conducted a bike vs run correlation analysis, illustrating the degree to which bike speed strategy impacted run splits for each athlete.

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