Easiest/Hardest Ironman Swim, Bike, Run, Finish and Kona Qualifying Times Index

RunTri has conducted comprehensive analysis to help triathletes answer the questions: What is the easiest Ironman? Hardest? What part of the race makes a race easier or harder? What racing splits can I expect? At different races?  What are typical Kona qualifying times? and more.

Everything you wanted to know about Ironman Splits. Sliced and diced every which way. Enjoy.
  1. Overall: Comparing Races
  2. Details: By Age Division, by Race
  3. Splits: S/B/R and Finish, by Race 
  4. Kona - Minimum Qualifying Times:
Note: Races chosen based on availability of robust data by discipline and age division, and our personal experience racing 29 times on 12 different Ironman courses around the world