Toughest/Easiest Ironman Courses: Index of S/B/R Splits by Race and Age Group

RunTri analyzed nearly 50,000 triathletes competing in 25 Ironman distance triathlons (in 2010 season) to answer the question: which Ironman triathlon is hardest? Easiest? The results are here. By Raymond Britt

Race: Ironman Splits by Age Group can be accessed via race name links.
  • Kona: number of qualifying slots per race; like leads to list of athletes qualified for Kona 
  • Swim, Bike, Run:  column headers link to charts comparing all 22 races
  • Finish: Complete Race Results can be accessed via the finish time links
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  • For more,  see our Index of Comparative Splits by Age Group Analysis.
  • See our notes on methodology and factors here.
Here's the Graphic View of data above.