Ironman Austria Results Analysis

Incredibly, the Ironman Austria course, which is ranked as 3rd fastest in our Top 25 Toughest Ironman Triathlons, was even faster in 2011.

The average finish time in 2011 was 11 hour, 23 minutes, a dramatic improvement compared to the very fast 11:45 in 2010. Based on these results, Austria is now, without question, the fastest/easiest ironman.  on the calendar.

The average bike split of 5:42 is ridiculously fast, and the median time is even faster. An average run split of 4:14 is unprecedented.

And the ironman world record finish time of 7:45 was recorded by a solid triathlete, but not one expected to shatter such a record. 

Why is Austria so fast? It's not cutoff times -- the race time limit was a full 17 hours.  Drafting, course measurement, other?

Whatever the answer, in 2011 Austria has proven, again, to be one of the the fastest, easiest, ironman events in the world.