Kona Qualifying Times Analysis 2010-2011

Our current, comprehensive Kona Qualifying Times Analysis for 25 Ironman races defined the minimum finishing times to qualify for the 2010 Ironman World Championship.

We're updating the analysis for the 2010-2011 season, and will be featuring qualifying times by race here, as results become available. We're also comparing qualifying times by race and age group, year-over-year.

The results are not surprising. Each year it seems the challenge to qualify for Kona becomes more difficult. Two reasons: more competition and fewer slots per race in many cases.

We've compared Kona qualifying times for many of the major Ironman races  -- France, Florida, St. George, Western Australia, New Zealand and Wisconsin, Cozumel -- by age group.  Harder? Yes, in most cases. But look closely: Cozumel's race was dramatically faster overall in 2010, as were the qualifying times, and sometimes the last slot rolls far deeper than you might expect. Note the M30-34 time at Ironman Austria in 2010, for example.


New Zealand