LinkedIn Web Analytics: Networking Benchmarks

Nearly 40 million US people visit at least once a month; the number approaches 100 million worldwide. Charts below highlight LinkedIn visitor trends in key areas: visitors, visits, page views, frequency, traffic sources, demographics and mobile user stats.

The first chart contains web+mobile data from multiple perspectives:
  • Monthly: the black bar above the area chart indicates most recent monthly visitors -- 39.7 million US, e.g.
  • Weekly: the bold data for people, visits and pageviews are for the most recent week
  • Annual: the area chart illustrates daily weekly visits over the last year
  • Monthly comparisons: the table below the area chart goes a level deeper into monthly stats, volume changes, mobile

How addicted to LinkedIn are its visitors? About 1/3 of visitors are regulars or 'addicts'.

Mobile User Stats

The 1,655,890 million represents weekly mobile visitors. Same notes as above describe the remaining traffic stats. (Monthly (39.7 million) in the top black bar is still for web and mobile total.)

Interesting to note the mix of mobile devices used to visit LinkedIn: Four out of five mobile visitors come via an iPhone or iPad; Android only 17%. Notable because Neilsen continues to report that Android is the leading mobile operating system, representing more than 1/3 of all mobile devices.

Embedded Live Data