How Many Triathletes? 175,000 Entrants, 110 Ironman, Half Ironman 70.3, and 5150 Events in 2012

In the last year, about 175,000 triathletes have entered or finished one of 110 triathlons managed by World Triathlon Corporation, the owner of Ironman and Ironman brand events.
  • Ironman: 30 Events, 65,000 entrants, average 2,167 per event
  • Ironman 70.3: 62 Events, 95,000 Entrants, average 1,532 per event
  • 5150 Olympic/International Distance: 18 Events, 15,000 Entrants, average 833 per event

The actual number of registered entrants varies widely, from more than 3,000 at Ironman Canada and 5150 St. Anthony's to a low of 219 at Ironman 70.3 Sri Lanka. Chart data is sorted in approximate calendar order. 

What do 110 races with 175,000 entrants look like on a single page? It's a bit overwhelming, when you think about WTC managing each race individually, as location, participants, rules, schedules, dates, volunteers, website, results and more tende to vary from event to event.