Ironman 2013 Schedule: Ironman and Ironman 70.3 2013 Events and Kona Slots

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Ironman 2013 Schedule: Ironman and Ironman 70.3 2013 Events and Kona Slots

Based on our analysis (12/5/12) of Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events operated by World Triathlon Corporation, owner of the Ironman Triathlon brand and related branded races, here's our 2013 schedule forecast.
  • Races: 83 Events, 150,000 Estimated Registered Entrants* 
    • 28 Ironman races, 60,000+ entrants, averaging about 2200 per event*
    • 55 Ironman 70.3 races, about 90,000 entrants, averaging 1600+ per event*
  • Kona Qualifying Events: 34 events offering 1700+ Kona Slots**
    • 28 Ironman races, about 1500 slots, averaging 53 per race**
    • 6 Ironman 70.3 races, more than 200 slots, 30 per race (except Hawaii)**
  • Las Vegas Qualifying Events: 55 events, 2,000+ slots,  averaging 38 per race**
[Important Notes: 1. Our estimated of entrants per event listed are the total number we expect on race day, not necessarily current entrant totals; visit to check latest race entry status; 2. many races sell out quickly, but many others are still open to entry; again, check for the latest. 3. See more Important Notes and Caveats at the end of this post]

Important Notes and Caveats

1. Consider this analysis as best estimates based on current data; 
2. Events, Dates and Kona or Vegas Slots -- are based on data published on race web sites as of 12/5/12
3. Our listed estimate of participants per race is the number we expect may have entered by race day
4. The listed estimate of participants is NOT necessarily the number currently registered
5. A unexpected wide variety of things can change between now and race day for certain events; examples:
-- a race's Kona slots have been known to change with little notice
-- weather or other conflicts may impact the race distance or race date
-- sometimes races open additional entry opportunities after being declared Sold Out
6. Mandatory: for latest and most accurate information, visit the event race sites or