Boston Marathon 2014: Geomapped Results From 7,000+ Global Cities

Geo-Mapping of Finishers and Average Finish Times from each of 7,077 Cities with Boston Marathon 2014 Finishers

Nearly 36,000 runners were granted entry into the 118th running of the Boston Marathon in April 2014. Of those entrants, more than 32,000 started the race, and 31,805 finished it in an average time of 4 hours and 2 minutes.

We think it's pretty impressive that Boston 2014 had finishers from 7,077 cities, we've plotted, on geomaps below, each city's number of finishers and average finish time overall.

Each red dot represents a city; click on it and you'll see its overall results. How did your city's time compare? Click nearby, how did your neighboring cities perform? Navigate the around the Google maps -- zoom in and out, scroll around, explore. The results may surprise you.

Global Map of 7000 Cities' With Finishers at Boston Marathon 2014

North America Cities with Boston Marathon 2014 Finishers

European Cities with Boston Marathon 2014 Finishers

Africa and Asia-Pacific Cities with Boston Marathon 2014 Finishers

Central and South American Cities with Boston Marathon 2014 Finishers

Pre-Race Geo-Mapping of 7000+ Cities with Boston Marathon 2014 Entrants (3/31/14)

Simply Amazing. 

Runners from 7,000 global cities will comprise the field of 35,473 Runners at the 2014 Marathon.

Repeat: runners from 7,000 global cities. Absolutely unprecedented. But with extraordinary purpose: to reclaim Boston from terror.

What a breathtakingly powerful statement that makes about the running community's support of Boston.

We've always been proud to be a long-time part of the Boston Marathon family, both as a 13-consecutive-time finisher and major media outlet contributor. We're prouder than ever to be a part of this year's historic event with the 35.473.

Where Are They All Coming From?

Wonder where those 35,473 runners are coming from? Wonder where those 7,000+ cities are?

We've got your answers. We created a comprehensive global map, plotting each location sending runners to Boston. But there's more: click on any red dot representing a city, and all relative pre-race information will appear: number of runners, males, females, and average ages. Go ahead, find your city, compare it to others.

The data is plotted on google maps, so you can zoom in and out as normal, plus you can click and drag maps for best viewing.
A world with 7,000 cities sending runners to Boston is a bit too big to present in one map. So we've broken the world into continents and regions.

Explore the maps and the data. Enjoy the journey. And we'll see you, representing Wilmette, IL, USA, on race day.

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South America