Ironman Kona 2014 Lottery Winners and Results Analysis

Ironman Lottery 2014 Winners and Results Analysis

Racing at the Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii is the ultimate goal of tens of thousands of triathletes each year. Primary entry Kona is reserved for about 1800 athletes who qualify and Ironman events around the world.

Tradition holds that 205 additional slots are dedicated to non-qualifiers who enter the Kona Lottery. Winners are selected from three lotteries:
  • 100 Slots: Legacy Lottery for those with 12+ Ironman triathlons, but not Kona
  • 100 Slots: Regular Lottery, which has been said to include more than five thousand entrants
  • 5 Physically Challenged Slots
Ironman Lottery 2014 Results: 205 Winners from 25 Countries

Last First Country Type
Aguilar Miguel MX Legacy
Aguilera Flavio US Legacy
AlDhaen Nawaf BH Lottery
Ament Kristina PC
Anderson Spot AU Lottery
andries junior orival BR Legacy
Appeldorn John US Lottery
Armiger Rick US Legacy
Arnold David AU Legacy
Ash Stephen AU Legacy
Ashcroft Cristine AU Lottery
Atwell Graeme AU Legacy
Ballantyne Andrew AU Lottery
Barnes Clintyn AU Legacy
Barrett John US Legacy
Barthorpe Carl GB Legacy
Beamish Richard NZ Lottery
Beattie  Laurie US Lottery
Binstead Thaddeus US Lottery
Black Charles US Lottery
Blake Jeremy US Lottery
Blomgren Ola SE Lottery
Bomm Rainer DE Legacy
Bonellos MIlton CA Lottery
Borge Joe US Lottery
Borke Todd US Lottery
BOTTOMLEY Travis AU Legacy
Bramblett Kim US Legacy
Brasseur Jason US Lottery
Bridges Allysin US Lottery
brown peter CA Legacy
Buchot Jean-Marie PC
Budd Dennis US Lottery
Buisson Rory GB Legacy
Bukacek Martin US Legacy
Burg David US Legacy
Callen Rodriguez Jose Ramon ES Legacy
Cam Ferdi DE Lottery
Cameron Damian GB Lottery
Camilleri Anthony AU Lottery
Carpenter Tom US Legacy
Carr Stephen US Legacy
Cerniglia Joe US Lottery
Chatterton John AU Lottery
Chauvin Matthew US Legacy
Christiansen Greg US Lottery
Christoffersen Joseph US Legacy
Cleveland Trevor US Lottery
Cnossen Auke HK Lottery
Cohen Cynthia US Legacy
Comins Penny GB Legacy
Couzins John US Legacy
Crane Nick AU Legacy
Dalton James GB Legacy
dasios constantine AU Legacy
de Beer Alejandro AR Legacy
Dentskevich Andrew CH Lottery
dickson scott US Lottery
Diehl Katie US Legacy
Dilkie Trent CA Legacy
Dull Phil US Legacy
Eachon Rob US Legacy
El Sherif Jennifer US Legacy
Erpelding Heidi US Legacy
Evans Thomas US Lottery
Fallenius Erik US Lottery
Fontaine Eric US Legacy
Frick Warren US Lottery
Fuchs Reginald DE Lottery
Gallegos Ricardo MX Legacy
Garvey Brant PC
Geier Gerald PC
Genkin Michael US Lottery
Gonzalez JuanCristobal VE Lottery
Goodney Eric US Lottery
Grammer Holly US Lottery
Guiher Derek US Lottery
Gustavsson Andreas SE Legacy
Guthrie Maura US Legacy
Hall Donnie US Lottery
Hall James US Lottery
Hall Neil AU Lottery
Hamilton Michael US Legacy
Hansen Lars DE Lottery
Harding Peter GB Lottery
Hawkins Julian AE Lottery
hill Brian CA Legacy
Hobson Steve GB Legacy
Hofer Manfred DE Lottery
Holthausen Manfred DE Legacy
Jimenez Omar CR Legacy
Joecken Peter DE Legacy
Johnson Tim CA Legacy
Jones Eric US Lottery
Jones Kurt US Lottery
Jones Rick US Legacy
Kalt Thomas DE Legacy
Kanesky David  US Lottery
Karoczkai Peter US Lottery
Kells Christine GB Lottery
Kerger Peter DE Legacy
Kerr Evan US    Lottery
Kichler Michael US Lottery
Kim Byongdoo KR Legacy
Klancke Jeff US Lottery
Kohn Kevin US Legacy
Kresge Matthew US Legacy
Lackey Tammy US Lottery
Lahna Mohamed PC
Larsen Joe US Lottery
Lawrence James US Legacy
Lee Harry US Lottery
Leonard-Schneck Sheryl US Lottery
Lerman Kimberly US Legacy
Little John US Legacy
Little John US Legacy
Macdougall Alan US Lottery
Maddox Gina US Lottery
Malone Evan US Legacy
Maneejakr Witthaya TH Legacy
martins rubens BR Lottery
Matsumura Hiroshi JP Lottery
mazzaferro mauro IT Legacy
McFaul Jason US Legacy
McKay Paul AU Legacy
McMurtrey Carla US Legacy
mendes luis VE Legacy
Mendez de la Maza Jeronimo ES Lottery
Menghini Terri US Lottery
Michelsen Gary US Lottery
Moore Tony AU Lottery
Morris Christopher US Lottery
Morris Kent US Lottery
Murtagh Bruce NZ Legacy
Nelson Barbara US Legacy
Nista Jerry US Lottery
ONeil Richard US Legacy
Orgill Lawrence US Legacy
OShea Shawn US Lottery
Pagani Daniele IT Lottery
Parks Jim US Lottery
Parney Bob US Legacy
Patrick Randa US Lottery
Perez Yamandu US Lottery
Petelinsek Kathleen US Lottery
Pettersson Jonnie SE Lottery
Pfennig Cami US Lottery
Phillips Rod AU Legacy

Pietig David US Lottery
Pitek Teresa CA Legacy
Porntharukcharoen Nampetch TH Legacy
Pringle  Mark GB Legacy
Quinlan Patrick US Lottery
Rawlings Peter AU Lottery
Rehbein Klaus DE Legacy
Ridder Michelle US Lottery
Robinson David US Lottery
ROMANIA Anthony US Legacy
Rössing Michael CH Lottery
Roth Gerald AT Legacy
Salazar-Valadez Alberto MX Legacy
Scapillato Chris US Lottery
Sebaly Michael US Legacy
Shanks Andrew US Lottery
Shaw Gregory US Lottery
Shoemaker Jerry US Legacy
Shryock John US Lottery
Shuler Robert US Lottery
Silver Brian US Lottery
Singleton Alan AU Legacy
Smith Jack US Lottery
Smith Barbara US Legacy
Smith Stephen US Legacy
Spicer Rosie AU Legacy
steinhoff gerald US Legacy
Stroup David US Legacy
Suzuki Romy US Legacy
Takani Hidemi JP Legacy
Thomander Jonas SE Lottery
Thompson Scott GB Legacy
Tranmer Joan CA Legacy
Tunguz Stefan J US Lottery
Udy James NZ Legacy
Vale George US Legacy
Van Gelder André AU Lottery
Van Gelder André AU Legacy
Van Nostrand Paula CA Legacy
Veto William PH Legacy
Walker Rick NZ Lottery
Wasler Andrae AT Lottery
watts jeb US Lottery
Webster Nick US Lottery
Wells Tim US Legacy
Williams Doug US Lottery
Williams John GB Legacy
Yadav Yati US Lottery
Yandell Andrew US Lottery
York Tod US Lottery
Young Michael US Lottery
Zimmermann Willi DE Legacy


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