USA Triathlon 2015 Olympic Distance National Championships Results. Stats and Analysis

By Raymond Britt

The 2015 USA Triathlon Olympic Distance National Championship, held in Milwaukee on August 8, 2015, featured 2601 of the nation's best triathletes in the country. The athletes, competing at the highest level of the sport, put on a terrific display of fierce determination in the quest for the best overall finish times and age group rankings.

The 2015 average finish time for all athletes was 2:34 = 28 minute swim, 1:11 bike, 0:50 run and 0:05 in T1+T2. The 2015 results were more than 3 minutes slower than 2013, which averaged 2:31, with slightly slower overall average times in each discipline.

But there's much more exclusive analysis here, We've taken the results of each athlete in each age group to compile this comprehensive results analysis that delivers average times overall, by age group, by split, by geography. Then we took the data to the next level, presenting side-by-side comparisons vs 2013 swim, bike, run and finish results by division.

In addition, we mapped results of athletes from 1,368 cities across the US, and developed a heat map that illustrates the geographic density of finishers.

Comparisons Between 2013 and 2015 Results by Age Group and Gender

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