Ironman Acquisition coverage in Wall Street Journal: 'Raymond Britt . . . foresees continued growth from the (Ironman) brand'

By Raymond Britt

Ironman Triathlon's parent company, World Triathlon Corporation, will be acquired by China's Dalian Wanda, according to Wall Street Journal's Pulitzer Prize winning sports journalist Kevin Helliker.

Helliker called before publishing the article, asking my view of what impact the acquisition may have on Ironman races and the brand.

I told Kevin that the Ironman racing series, triathlete participation, and brand recognition will continue to grow well after the acquisition.

My perspective is based on extensive experience racing and analyzing Ironman since 1997, as a:

  • 29-time Ironman, including a 3-time The Ironman Triathlon World Championship finisher
  • Strategist, conducting comprehensive statistical analyst of dozens of Ironman events, hundreds of thousands of Ironman finishers, spanning multiple years
  • Journalist/Analyst/Photographer contributing articles and analytics to Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, ESPN, Triathlete Magazine and others

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