Running and Race Pace Calculator Google Search Trends

Analysis by Raymond Britt

According to 16.957 million athletes ran and finished running races in 2017. A large portion of these runners are concerned with running pace to some degree. For preparation, many want to know how fast to run while training for a certain race. For those lining up for that big race, many want to know what pace they should run to meet or beat a target finish time.

There are a tremendous number of searches related to running on google, and we were curious: what are the most popular terms. Below, we present google's results for these five search terms, tracked over a five-year period.
  • running pace
  • run pace
  • race pace
  • pace time
  • 5k pace

Search Term Interest Over Five Year Period

Each of five lines are color coded by search term, and the popularity of each term relative to the others is indicated by placement of the lines. Note that 'running pace'. far and away the most popular search five years ago, has declined as '5k pace' and 'pace time' are increasingly popular search terms.