Why We're Here

Our Mission: Inspire you to envision, strive for and achieve success that once seemed impossible. 

At one point in time, every single athlete -- from elite racers to complete amateurs -- considered one or more of these challenges to be impossible, even ridiculous:
Who can do these events? You can. Really. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

We're here to help. We're a non-profit resource providing practical training and racing advice to athletes (1.9 million visitors from 125 countries) with realistic priorities: Families, friends and work come first; Then, Be Epic.

We have competed in most of the races and/or we cover, many of them multiple times: 29 Ironman Triathlons, 48 marathons, 22 ultramarathons and other races. Our original content and insights come from these experiences, and we hope you find them useful on your journey.

Everything you Need to Know, or at least most everything we found useful as we trained and raced, is Here. Of course, always visit relevant Official Sites for everything else.

The material on this site -- articles, images, analysis -- are contributed and copyrighted by Raymond Britt and Run Tri, except where noted. We applaud your independence and your spirit on the journey to make the impossible possible.

Envision. Strive. Believe. Achieve. Inspire. Be Epic. Ready? Set -- GO.

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Important: Your mileage and results will vary. As our content is, by definition, unofficial, always visit official sites for official information; always. And consult your physician before attempting anything described here, or anything else.