Ironman Kona 2016 Detailed Results Analysis: Overall, by Division, by Split, vs Previous Years and more

It's the ultimate triathlon experience: Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona. We've raced Kona three times, and know the unforgettable feeling. We've also been analyzing and sharing detailed Kona race results for several years. Here's the story of Ironman Kona 2016:
  • Finishers: Over 2207, most ever, slightly 2015's 2002
  • DNF: 4.5% compared with 6.7% in 2015
  • Average Finish Time: 11:27 vs 11:44 in 2015
    • Swim: 1:09
    • Bike: 5:52
    • Run 4:14
  • The difference between 2015 and 2016 average splits were 7 minute faster swim, 9 minutes faster on the run
  • For perspective, compare 2016 results and stats vs several previous years, overall and by division
  • Compared with overall averages since 2002, 11:30 finish time, 2016's 11:27 was right on target

Ironman Kona Hawaii 2016: Results Analysis, Advice, Qualifiers, Photos, More

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By Raymond Britt (includes excerpts from our book Qualifying for Kona

What's it like to race the Ironman in Hawaii?  It's everything you've ever thought it would be, and much more. You'll know what I mean when you get there. Want to race in Kona? We've competed in the Hawaii Ironman there times; here's just about everything you need to know, from stats, results to the complete story of the race from start to finish.  

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    Jan Foreno and Daniela Ryf Win Ironman Kona Triathlon World Championship

    Congratulations to Ironman Triathlon World Champions Jan Frodeno, with an 8:06 victory time, and Daniela Ryf, who won with an impressive 8:46. Top 25 Men and Women Pro Finisher Splits and rank are presented below.

    We'll be adding to our comprehensive results analysis throughout the race, which is still in progress,