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Ironman Kona Race Coverage:

By Raymond Britt (includes excerpts from our book Qualifying for Kona

What's it like to race the Ironman in Hawaii?  It's everything you've ever thought it would be, and much more. You'll know what I mean when you get there. Want to race in Kona? We've competed in the Hawaii Ironman there times; here's just about everything you need to know, from stats, results to the complete story of the race from start to finish.  

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    Boston Marathon 2018: Results Analysis, Multi-Year Statistics, Avg Finish Times, Tips, more

    2018 Results Analysis by Age Group, Year, Weather

    2017 Finish Times by Age Group, Wave, City
      Racing Boston: Strategy, Pacing, Weather

      By Raymond Britt

      We've run Boston 13 consecutive times and, we can assure you: there is nothing like it in the world. You'll know what I mean when you get there. The thrill of starting the race in Hopkinton can feel amazing, but often, the next 26.2 miles can be unpredictable. We've been analyzing Boston races for years, and here we present the highlights of analytics in charts and links to other articles that may help you run your best.

      2017 Boston Marathon Analysis

      Comprehensive Results Analysis
        Historical Results: Times, Finishers by AG

        2016 Boston Marathon Analysis

        Boston Marathon Race Day is approaching; and it gets all that more exciting when bib numbers are assigned. BAA has just assigned numbers to 30,630 athletes (24,000+ qualifiers), roughly the same number as in 2015.

        Here's our breakdown of the field, by wave and gender. 54% overall are male, with most up front, 92% of the first wave, 58% of wave 2. Women dominate wave 3. Wave 4 tends to be for charity runners, mostly women.

        Detailed Boston Marathon 2015 Results

        Boston Marathon 2014 Results Analysis

        Boston Marathon 2014, rebounding from the tragedy of 2013,  proved to be a spectacular success, setting or nearly matching many historical records.
        For more detailed Boston Marathon 2014 Analysis:'s Comprehensive Boston Marathon 2014 Results coverage dives into the race results, going into detail by age group mix, finishers by age group, average finish times by age group, all presented here.


        Boston Marathon Finish Line by Raymond Britt

        Boston Marathon Geographic Analysis

          Qualifying for Boston: 2015 Example


          Mayor Rahm Emanuel at 2018 Chicago Triathlon: Photos

          By Raymond Britt

          Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel competed in the 2018 Chicago Triathlon, racing at the Sprint Distance, On a day where the heat far exceeded temperatures in recent memory, the mayor delivered a solid performance.

          Select photos of my shots of the mayor before, during and after the race are below. More to come.

          Mayor Emanuel in the water before the race starts.

          The Mayor, left side of the picture, displays good swimming form.

          Rahm leans into the start of the bike course.

          Nearing the finish, the Mayor's daughter joined him for a few final strides. The big guys around him: bodyguards.

          Final Sprint to the finish of his Sprint Distance Chicago Triathlon. 

          I've been capturing photos of the mayor at many past Chicago Triathlons; I've never seen him more exhausted after finishing. He had good reason: the heat was unbearable on the course. 

          For complete historical coverage of the Chicago Triathlon, visit our exclusive site