Ironman Louisville 2011 Results Analysis

See our complete 2012 Ironman Louisville Results Analysis. It was the toughest Ironman race in Louisville's ever had.


Congratulations to the 2,276 triathletes (after 7% DNF) who finished the 2011 Ironman Louisville triathlon. With an overall average finish time of 13:11:38, Louisville still ranks among the most difficult events in RunTri's Top 25 Toughest Ironman races. As hard as this year's race may have been, veterans of the 2010 race -- which averaged 13:38:21 finish time -- know how much worse it could have been. [Remarkably, some kona qualifying times were more than an hour faster than last year; see our Ironman Louisville Kona Qualifying Times Analysis.]

We've sliced and diced the race results to compile the average splits, finish times, finishers and DNFs by age group.

Ironman Louisville 2010/2011

Ironman Louisville
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