Ironman Canada 2011 Results Analysis

Congratulations to the 2598 triathletes who finished the 2011 Ironman Canada triathlon in Penticton, BC. It was a tough race, 11% did not start, 9% did not finish, and the average finish time was 13:12, ranking among the most difficult of our Top 25 Toughest Ironman event ranking. [also see our Ironman Canada Kona Qualifying Times Analysis]

The average splits and finish times illustrate just how tough the course was, especially the marathon, in 2011.

Not a single age group averaged less than 12:30 for the event. Very rare.

Taking it the next level, here's the detail: splits, finishers and DNFs by Age Group. If you beat one or more of the split times in your age group, consider your race a big success.

For detailed individual results, see

Here's the breakdown of participants by age group and by geography. For everything else, see our complete Ironman Canada coverage.