Qualifying for Boston Marathon 2014: Chicago Marathon 2012 Qualifier Analysis

Chicago Marathon 2012: Overall, BQ, Non-BQ, Made or Missed Cutoff, by Age Group

There were 37.475 finishers at Chicago Marathon 2012; 3378, or 9% that finished with a Boston Qualifying time. Of the 3,378, 2,477 Qualified for Boston with a time 5 minutes or more faster than required; 901 Qualified with a time 5 minutes or less than the BQ standard. Of those 901, 553, or 61%, made the 1:38 cutoff, 343, or 39%, did not. Pulling it all together, 10% of Chicago Marathon 2012 finishers who ran a BQ time, missed the 1:38 cutoff time.

Here's the breakdown, overall, by number of those who made or missed the cutoff, and the mix of those who didn't make the cutoff by age group.

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Note: We assume that not all runners who finished with a BQ time applied for Boston Marathon 2014 entry, but we also assume that the percentage of each age group's finishers that did submit entries was roughly the same across the board.