Boston Marathon Results and Finish Times Analysis: How Long Does it Take?

By Raymond Britt and RunTriMedia

More than 26,600 runners finished the 2019 Boston Marathon in solid overall average time of 3 hours, 53 minutes. By comparison, the average finish time at Boston 2000 to 2019 is just a minute slower, 3:54. Notably, the 2019 average was 4 minutes faster than the average time of 3:57 in terrible weather conditions in 2018.

We've crunched the numbers to illustrate the dynamics of Boston Marathon 2019 in several dimensions on the following charts, covering:

  • Average Finish Times 2000-2019: Overall Average 3:54
  • Boston 2019 Average Finish Time by Division
  • Comparison of Boston Average Finish Times by Division 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Boston Marathon Finishers each Year 2000-2019
  • Boston Marathon Finishers by Division 2019
  • Comparison of Boston 2019 Finishers by Gender and Division
  • Comparison of Boston Finishers by Gender and Division 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Weather vs Finish Times 1999-2019: Correlation between Temperature and Finish Time by Year

At the next level of detail, here are the average finish times by gender and division.


To find individual 2019 race results, visit Take a look at our elite race photos, too.


2018 Recap

Rough year at the 2018 Boston Marathon as runners had to endure what some are calling the worst weather conditions in three decades: cold, rain, wind, and wind chill. 

The elites seemed especially punished by the weather, but believe it or not, the average finish time for all in 2018, 3:57, was one minute faster than the 3:58 in 2017.

Here we present our annual comprehensive results analysis for all starters, finishers, age groups and the impact of weather on finish times, plus a link to's searchable results. 

Our analysis of Boston Marathon from the years 1999 to 2018 indicates the average finish time is 3:54; three hours and fifty-four minutes. That's at least 25 to 30 minutes than the average time of the top 25 marathons.

But there's so much more specificity we can provide about average finish times. We've crunched the numbers to illustrate:
  • Boston Marathon finish times 2000 to 2017, 
  • details on 2017 by age group and by age group within each of four waves
  • Compare Boston 2012 against both Boston 2004 and Boston 2010 by race division, by gender and age, by city, by Boston Qualifiers, and more. 

Track your 2018 athlete throughout the race with real-time results hosted by the Boston Athletic Association, at this link:

2017 Finish Times by Age Group, Wave, City
    Racing Boston: Strategy, Pacing, Weather
    Desiree Linden Wins Boston Marathon 2018

    Boston Marathon Average Finish Times 2000 to 2017

    Boston Marathon Average Finish Times 2017 by Age Group

    Boston Marathon Average Finish Times 2017 by Age Group by Wave

    Boston Marathon 2012

    Boston 2012 Runner Stats: Average Finish Time, Runners, Finishers, DNS, DNF, Deferred to 2013
    • Average Finish Time: 4:18:27 (vs 3:51+ 12 Year Average)
    • Finishers: 21,554 (95.9% of starters); 8,966 Women, 12,588 Men
    • Entrants26,656 runners entered to run the 2012 Boston Marathon
    • Qualified Runners: 20,081 -- see Qualifying for Boston for details
    • Non-Qualified Runners: 6,575 runners received entry via charity or other entities
    • Did Not Start -- No-Shows: An estimated 3,803 entrants did not pick up their bib numbers
    • Did Not Start -- Weather Deferral GroupRunners World reports 427 eligible for deferral to 2013
    • Runners: An estimated 22,480 started the race in Hopkinton
    • Did Not Finish: 926, 4.1%
    • For more, see our historical Entrants, DNS and DNF rates, Finishers
    Results Analysis: Average Finish Times 2000 to 2011 -- 2012 Avg. Time = 4:18:27

    Finish Times by Age Group 2011: Average Time Overall = 3:54

    Finish Times by Age 2010

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    Stats and Analysis
    Extra Credit

    Boston Marathon: Results Analysis, Multi-Year Statistics, Avg Finish Times, Tips, more

    Preliminary 2019 Analytics: Average Finish Time by Division

    2018 Results Analysis by Age Group, Year, Weather

    2017 Finish Times by Age Group, Wave, City
      Racing Boston: Strategy, Pacing, Weather

      By Raymond Britt

      We've run Boston 13 consecutive times and, we can assure you: there is nothing like it in the world. You'll know what I mean when you get there. The thrill of starting the race in Hopkinton can feel amazing, but often, the next 26.2 miles can be unpredictable. We've been analyzing Boston races for years, and here we present the highlights of analytics in charts and links to other articles that may help you run your best.

      2017 Boston Marathon Analysis

      Comprehensive Results Analysis
        Historical Results: Times, Finishers by AG

        2016 Boston Marathon Analysis

        Boston Marathon Race Day is approaching; and it gets all that more exciting when bib numbers are assigned. BAA has just assigned numbers to 30,630 athletes (24,000+ qualifiers), roughly the same number as in 2015.

        Here's our breakdown of the field, by wave and gender. 54% overall are male, with most up front, 92% of the first wave, 58% of wave 2. Women dominate wave 3. Wave 4 tends to be for charity runners, mostly women.

        Detailed Boston Marathon 2015 Results

        Boston Marathon 2014 Results Analysis

        Boston Marathon 2014, rebounding from the tragedy of 2013,  proved to be a spectacular success, setting or nearly matching many historical records.
        For more detailed Boston Marathon 2014 Analysis:'s Comprehensive Boston Marathon 2014 Results coverage dives into the race results, going into detail by age group mix, finishers by age group, average finish times by age group, all presented here.


        Boston Marathon Finish Line by Raymond Britt

        Boston Marathon Geographic Analysis

          Qualifying for Boston: 2015 Example